Certificate & Specialized Programs

The Alternative Investments Program


Comprised of five courses establishing a clear definition of alternative investments, followed by detailed statistical analysis of returns in standard asset classes compared to hedge funds in order to show how these unique investment strategies can help in portfolio diversification.
Detailed focus on the understanding of the risk and return profiles of hedge funds and liquid alternative strategies
Providing financial advisors with a structured framework for evaluating and understanding any investment strategy by applying a quantitative and qualitative framework for analysis.


The introduction of alternative and hedge fund strategies in mutual fund format is one of the most significant developments in our industry in the past two decades. Strategies and managers that were previously only available to institutional and high net worth investors just a few short years ago are increasingly available to the retail marketplace. Many industry observers are forecasting that these new ‘liquid alternative’ products will surge in popularity and could represent as much 15 to 20% of industry flows and 20-25% of industry revenues in the coming years. For advisors, this offers a unique opportunity to introduce their client to alternative investments and diversify their exposure to traditional asset classes. Central to the success of liquid alternatives will be the education of the advisor. For most advisors, there few practical education options on Alternative investing. Many of the most popular professional designations in the industry only briefly touch on alternative investments and their role in portfolio construction. That’s why Greene Consulting has partnered with Keith Van Etten, CFP®, CIMA, CAIA of Van Etten Consulting, inc. to develop a comprehensive education program specifically on this topic. The Alternative Investments Program© provides organizations with a sophisticated, scalable and customizable platform to train advisors and be a leader in this emerging segment.


This program has been developed within a framework of other resources that are designed to be customized and branded for your mutual fund organization to use in the deployment of a comprehensive alternative investments value-added wholesaling strategy. By first providing in-depth education for wholesalers, followed by resources and calling strategies that align the education to the specific alternative investment solutions your firm provides, it can be used to provide a high-impact approach to the marketplace that distinguishes your firm as the leader in this emerging space.


For Broker/Dealers and Advisors, this program can be applied as a comprehensive education program on alternative investments and hedge funds. It can be custom-branded as well as customized to include specific compliance, sales, or product information specific to your firm, as needed. It can even be applied as a certification mechanism to provide both education and assessment of advisors before using these complex investment products.