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Corporate & Institutional

An in-depth understanding of a wide range of institutional investment processes has been a core element of our capability from the inception of Greene Consulting. We are able to: (1) develop effective presentation material that accurately conveys the institution’s investment methodology, and (2) conduct developmental training that enhances each professional’s ability to communicate their distinguishing strengths in a competitive manner.


We conduct training and message development in a collegially-challenging environment where mutual respect is present – an essential factor in producing positive results and making a firm’s investment in training yield true growth. Our breadth of expertise enables us to conduct training sessions that integrate investment professionals with sales practitioners, while commanding the respect of both of these somewhat diverse disciplines in the process. Thus, our training is implemented in a context that best simulates the business development process. Additionally, we are able to challenge these professionals in a collegial manner that moves each participant from their current level to a more advanced level of competence.


First, we evaluate a firm’s messaging and presentation library. From that analysis, we iterate to a library that more accurately positions the capability of the firm, and then train the integrated group of professionals using three training components:


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