The Changing Landscape of a Post-DOL World

  • The DOL Fiduciary Rule is the biggest change since ERISA in 1974.
  • This creates risks for those who fail to adapt, but opportunities for those who do.
  • The new Fiduciary Rule will ultimately result in many clients consolidating their retirement assets with a single advisor. Our program helps ensure that their most trusted advisor is YOU!


  • First, Advisors must understand the DOL Fiduciary Rule and its implications.
  • Second, they must learn how to transition their clients into this new world.
  • Third, they must adopt new practices in leveraging the fiduciary experience into expanded and deepened client relationships.

What Makes this Program Unique?

  • With over 35 years of experience, Greene Consulting is a leader in training advisors to deliver a fiduciary experience.
  • Built from the ground up in response to the new Fiduciary Rule, this program builds upon the key principles of the Rule to align the “purpose” and “mission” of Advisors around delivering a superior fiduciary experience.

Learn how the program is structured.

Understand. Transition. Thrive.

Understand. Transition. Thrive.


Raise Your Right Hand and Repeat After Me….

November 29th, 2016|Comments Off on Raise Your Right Hand and Repeat After Me….

As firms and advisors begin to define their business models in a post-DOL world, many are making headlines. Merrill dropped commissions altogether in retirement [...]