Wealth Management

An Industry in Transition

The Wealth Management industry is experiencing significant changes.  Disruption from FinTech, Platform Commoditization, Fee Compression and increasing Compliance burdens are all forcing Wealth Managers to rethink how they deliver value.  And the impact of these trends is impacting the bottom line, with non-traditional Wealth Managers growing revenue 3 times faster than traditional Wealth Managers over the past 5 years.(1)

The Implications

In this environment, Wealth Managers are being forced to rethink how they are addressing key questions vital to their future success.

  • How do we drive organic growth?
  • How can we maintain our margins by delivering value beyond asset management?
  • How do we design and deliver a Client Experience that differentiates us in a marketplace where everyone looks and sounds the same?
  • How do we ensure our Advisors can deliver a differentiated Client Experience?


In this environment, applying traditional thinking to these questions will only yield traditional results.

How We Help

Leveraging our proprietary process, we help Wealth Managers create effective frameworks to drive a differentiated and more consistent Client Experience.  Additionally, we have an unmatched suite of resources for equipping Advisors develop the knowledge and client engagement skills needed to deliver a Wealth Management Client Experience that drives loyalty and growth.

(1)- WISE Gateway, “Growth at Risk” Study, 2020