Advisor 2.0

Next Gen Advisor Forum

Accelerating Next Generation Advisor Proficiency and Productivity

Equipping emerging advisors to achieve their productivity potential with the strategies, skills and practices that will accelerate the time-to-full productivity and position them for a uniquely successful and fulfilling career in the new era of wealth management.

Leveraging the experience and expertise of Greene Consulting and drawing on Best Practices from top industry advisors, participating advisors will leave the Program with mastery of the four key Advisor2.0 competencies and the ability to confidently answer and deliver on the following questions:

  • How do I develop the knowledge I need to be able to confidently engage and deliver actionable advice to prospects and clients?
  • How do I develop a quantifiable plan and pipeline benchmarks that will lead to the accomplishment of my production goals?
  • How do I get more qualified leads into my pipeline?
  • How do I engage new prospects to close more business, shorten the sales cycle, and maximize the revenue I generate from each sale?
  • How do I develop the skills necessary to engage prospects and clients in all the disciplines of wealth management, and do so in a way that differentiates me from other advisors?
  • How do I leverage my financial planning software to engage more clients in a scalable goals-based planning experience that will accelerate my productivity?
  • How do I deliver a relationship management experience that leads to expansion of existing relationships, strengthened client loyalty, and client referrals?

Program content applies to all client-facing advisors, including Wealth Advisors, Portfolio Managers, Trust Advisors, New Business Officers, and Planners.



While deep professional knowledge is no longer a primary differentiator with prospects and clients, advisors today (no matter your role (FA, WA, PM, TA, etc,) must be equipped with at least a minimum level of knowledge across all the key issues wealth management clients must address. Being so equipped will better ensure maximum impact and efficiency in your prospect and client engagements; failing to do so will result in a loss of productivity potential both personally and organizationally.

  • How do you ensure you have the requisite knowledge needed to effectively engage prospects/clients in a meaningful conversation about all the key wealth management issues?



Overwhelmingly, clients today are seeking a digital experience to augment the human experience the industry has traditionally delivered.  A critical aspect of this is having the ability to effectively deliver a collaborative goals-based planning experience.  Yet, most advisors and organizations have been challenged with HOW to leverage their planning platform and scale it to deliver a compelling goals-based planning experience throughout their book of clients in a way that escalates client engagement and drives revenue growth.

  • How are you leveraging digital tools to deliver a 24/7 Hybrid (Human + Digital) Client Experience?
  • How are you leveraging your financial planning tool to deliver a goals-based experience in a scalable (80%+ of your clients) manner?
  • How do you utilize your financial planning platform functionality to engage clients in a one-meeting collaborative goals-based planning experience?
  • How do you make the case for client Data Aggregation on your platform?
  • How do you make the case for Consolidating Assets with you?



While “engagement skills” have always been important, in today’s world EQ (Emotional Quotient) is critical.  But it’s important to note that by EQ we mean more than establishing rapport and building relationships.  EQ in today’s world calls for a more intentional and skillful approach to truly connect with a client, understand the meaning behind the wealth they have accumulated and engage in discussions about the full breadth of priorities for each unique client.  The ability to do this delivers a compelling experience and immediate value that clients will find of great value.

  • How do you articulate why someone should do business with you in a compelling, authentic way?
  • How do you engage your clients to help them define their Financial Priorities?
  • How do you engage clients to help them clearly recognize the gaps in their current approach to managing their wealth?



While not necessarily a skill, this is typically the productivity lever we see too often overlooked.  To achieve your productivity potential you simply need a handful of very clear and intentional disciplines that will improve efficiency and effectiveness in managing and growing your practice.

  • How have you quantified your plan to track your progress and achieve your production goals?
  • What is your strategy/discipline for sourcing new prospects?
  • How have you defined your Sales Process in a way that “compresses the time-to-value” with new prospects and ensures maximum efficiency and productivity?
  • How will you structure your approach to Pre-Call Planning to maximize the impact you make and the value you provide in each and every prospect and client engagement?

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This program is more than “training” to a specific model or approach to being an effective wealth management advisor.  Instead, it is structured to provide an experiential approach that supports each individual advisor in defining an intentional approach to developing the skills and practices that are most vital to their success. Rather than mandating advisors adhere to a “model” that has been developed without reference to the unique situation and practice they are building, our approach uses a three-step learning experience where advisors develop their answers to key questions on each topic and document how they will address these key questions in their unique practices.

Every topic listed includes four key elements:

  • Online Best Practice Module
    Advisors in the program are provided access to online content defining best practices that have been developed through years of our work with top producing advisors across the country. These modules provide in-depth detail and structure that advisors can use to begin defining their approach to each topical aspect of being an effective advisor.
  • Personalized Exercise
    In addition to the online content, advisors will have an assigned exercise to complete that will help them identify their personal approach to each skill and discipline covered in the program.
  • Live Webinar
    Following completion of the modules and exercise, advisors are brought together in live, remote sessions to collaborate with the broader peer group to share and discuss their ideas and approach, as well as share challenges they feel they will face. These sessions are facilitated by Greene Consulting executives with extensive industry
  • Ongoing Support and Resources
    Additionally, to support advisors going forward, advisors are provided access to extensive support materials that provide detailed ideas, strategies and best practices that have been documented from our work with thousands of successful advisors across the country.





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