Retail Banking Solutions

Retail Banker Academy

The Retail Banker Academy equips Bankers with the clear, differentiated approach to engaging customers in the key conversations that drive growth. First, we address how Bankers can quickly create Engagement while addressing a customer’s transactional need. Then, after identifying the customer’s key Financial Priorities, quickly pivot to a structured conversation focused on that priority.


This intensive one-day program can be delivered live, virtually or in a blended format, enabling organizations to equip Bankers with the skills they need to deliver a more consistent experience that drives growth.


The Engagement Challenge

One of the most significant challenges Retail Bankers face is converting transactional branch traffic into deeper, value-added conversations. According to the American Psychological Association, 68% of US households said they feel “Moderate” to “Significant” stress about their financial life. Additionally, 78% of retail banking customers stated they want financial guidance from their banker, yet only 28% said they have received it. Even more surprising is the fact that less than 3% of branch traffic is converted into a deeper financial conversation. The opportunity is clear- equip Bankers with a better approach to engaging transactional branch traffic to increase traffic conversion rates.


EngageFI in Action

EngageFI is specifically designed to address this “Engagement Gap.” A digital Financial Wellness tool, EngageFI empowers Bankers to lead a collaborative conversation that enables customers quickly self-assess their current financial situation and define their key Financial Priorities. Beyond adding value for the customer, Bankers are able to use their deeper understanding of the Customer to define solutions to address identified gaps. And, EngageFI can be integrated into your CRM to seamlessly capture key customer data that can empower targeted marketing campaigns.

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