Retail Banking

Creating Customer Engagement in the Branch

The accelerating growth of Digital Banking has made traditional banking more convenient than ever before but is simultaneously creating an issue- branch traffic is falling by over 5% every year. Additionally, 78% of retail banking customers state they want Financial Guidance from their Banker, yet only 28% say they have received it- a 50% “Guidance Gap.” Retail banks and Credit Unions must re-examine the branch experience to ensure Bankers are equipped with the skills and tools to create engagement with customers in the branch and convert transactional branch traffic into deeper Guidance-oriented conversations. Banks that effectively navigate this shift will increase market share and drive growth.

Making the Shift

As branch traffic continues to decline, branches must address this Guidance Gap to remain relevant. Yet today, less than 3% of branch traffic is converted into a deeper, guidance-oriented conversation. One of the most powerful levers for growth is increasing the Traffic Engagement rate to levels well above today’s rate of less than 3%. Success in this endeavor requires banks to address key questions including:

  • How do we create a culture that motivates Associates to adopt a Guidance-based approach?
  • How do we equip Associates with the skills and tools needed to engage customers more effectively?
  • With high levels of variability in Associate experience and expertise, how do we deliver a more consistent and engaging Customer Experience?
  • How do equip our front-line Leaders to lead the change and drive growth?

How We Help

Retail banking customers state overwhelmingly that they do not want to be SOLD. So, the question is why do banks focus on traditional sales training as a means of equipping Bankers to create engagement with customers? There is a better way. Greene Consulting has a proprietary Customer Engagement Program that can be supported by our powerful Digital Sales Enablement tool EngageFI. The result is Bankers delivering a more consistent, guidance-based Customer Experience that drives revenue growth.

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