CFP® Certification Program

“The layout was simple and the charts and diagrams made things easy to understand.”
– Morgan from Georgia

“I learned a lot through the program and have continued to consult my notes.”
– Jonathon from Michigan

“I was impressed with the quality of the program.”
– Lisa with Bank of America

“This program provided the foundation necessary to pass the CFP Board exam.”
– Stephanie from Georgia, who passed on her first attempt

“The course material was organized and presented clearly. The program makes good use of
examples and review questions. I liked seeing the CFP Board released questions throughout
the courses.”
– Associate with Goldman Sachs Private Wealth Management

“Dan, I’m glad to provide useful feedback. I continue to be amazed by your prompt response
to my messages. This aspect of the program is really exceeding my expectations.”
– John Maguire

“I had a great experience, got a better quality certificate for the best possible price, and
passed the CFP Board exam on my first attempt!”
– Joel from Jacksonville who works with a leading investment advisory firm

“The coursework was always accessible – I never had issues with the site being down or slow.
Things always worked the way they should.”
– Dan from Georgia

“I really enjoyed the online program. I have such an incredibly busy schedule and it allowed
me to study when I could. It allowed me much needed flexibility.”
– Deborah from California

“The format and delivery of the course was effective and really met my needs. The ability to
go at my own pace was critical to me.”
– Denis from Florida

“Being a commuter, the print option was fantastic for my schedule.”
– Todd from Illinois

“One of the deciding factors for me was that your program was the only online program that
allowed me to print out the lessons.”
‐ Gino from Michigan

“Every time I had a question, it was easy to email and I always heard a response back
– A Franklin Templeton Investments Advisor

“I was impressed with the responsiveness of my advisor – both timely and thorough. I
appreciated him getting others involved when he thought it would be helpful to me.”
– Rick from Idaho

“I can say I was very impressed with how quickly my advisor responded to my questions, as
well as his knowledge about the information. I want to thank him for helping me become a
better advisor for my clients and I will highly recommend this program to my associates.”
– Brandon from Mutual of Omaha

“I would highly recommend it to anybody that wants take the CFP classes at a great school. I
thought the program was challenging and will prepare me for the CFP exam itself.”
– Brandon from Virginia

“The program was perfect for helping me achieve my goals!”
– Gene

“The platform itself was easy to navigate and very intuitive.”
– Jared from Florida

“The instruction is very well-done, the course material is comprehensive but easy to
understand, and the support is fantastic.”
– Kathleen from Florida