Wealth Management Solutions

Client Experience Design

The challenge of achieving differentiation in the Wealth Management marketplace is real. While every firm is different in often nuanced ways, the traditional messages of “Robust Platform, Holistic Approach, Team of Specialist and Local Delivery” are ill-differentiated at best. So, the question is how you achieve differentiation in this environment. We believe the driver of differentiation is Client Experience.

Leveraging our work with Horst Schulze, Founding Executive and COO of the Ritz Carlton Hotels Group, we employ a proven, structured process that helps Wealth Management organizations identify the strengths and gaps in their current Client Experience and then define “High Impact- Low Calorie” tactics that can be employed to deliver a more engaging, personalized and differentiated Client Experience.

  • Purpose / Client Promise – Clearly defining what you Promise to deliver to every Client, in every interaction
  • Client Engagement – Defining the key non-negotiables in the Sales Experience, New Client On-Boarding Experience and Relationship Management Experience
  • Leadership Engagement – Defining how Leaders will engage their teams to ensure effective delivery of the intended Client Experience
  • Advisor Engagement – Empowering Advisors with a clear understanding of the intended Client Experience and how to effectively deliver it
  • Metrics – Identifying key Metrics that Leaders can use to measure the effectiveness and impact of your Client Experience strategy

The result of this Process - a more engaged and motivated organization delivering a clearly defined and intentionally implemented Client Experience.

Advisor Benchmarking Assessment

Do you know how your Advisors stack up? It is a question many organizations can only address anecdotally until now. Greene Consulting’s Advisor Benchmarking Assessment employs a unique structure to help organizations develop a clear and quantifiable understanding of their Advisors Wealth Planning knowledge. This Confidence-weighted Assessment combines traditional assessment questions with a Confidence Factor - having Advisors define how confident they are in their answer.

This methodology provides greater insights and understanding into an Advisor’s true expertise. Additionally, each Advisor, Team and organization receives feedback on where they rank relative to their peers across the industry who have completed the same assessment.

Wealth Advisor Virtual Academy

  • 22 years: Greene Consulting was a pioneer in delivering effective eLearning to the Wealth Management industry
  • 150+ courses: Delivering a broad array of courses, from the Fundamentals to highly Advanced topics
  • 2 Industry Designations: Delivering the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and the Certified Retirement Planning Specialist (CPRS) Program
  • 15,000+ Assessment Questions: Ensuring Advisors can demonstrate proficiency on key topics
  • 30+ Sales Application Courses: Equipping Advisors “Conversational Competence”- the ability to leverage their knowledge to engage in client conversations that drive growth
  • Over 150,000: Number of Advisors that have completed courses from the Wealth Advisor Virtual Academy

Increasing Sales Effectiveness: Advisor 2.0

There is no doubt that the Wealth Management industry has undergone tremendous change over the past 25 years, from Common Trust Funds to Open Architecture Investment Platforms, from Spreadsheets to highly sophisticated Financial Planning Platforms just to name a few. But has the industry’s view of what it takes to be a great Advisor evolved as well- what are the qualities required to succeed in this new environment and how do organizations continue to develop great Advisor talent?

Greene Consulting, in partnership with over 30 Executives from leading organizations across the United States, spent over a year seeking to address this important question. The result of this work is Advisor 2.0 - a clear framework defining the key skills required to stand apart as a modern Wealth Management Advisor.


Ensuring Advisors have the current, comprehensive wealth management knowledge necessary to deliver the guidance and advice clients expect.



Equipping Advisors with an efficient, scalable process and the skills required to more effectively engage clients in a goals-based planning experience throughout their entire book of prospects and clients.




Mastering the skills to needed to engage clients in differentiated, thought-provoking conversations that deliver immediate value relative to the breadth of wealth management issues clients must address.



Providing the tools and resources Advisors need to define and incorporate an efficient and effective Practice Management Infrastructure.

Driving Adoption of Financial Planning: The Rapid Planning Process

One of the enduring challenges for many Wealth Management organizations is driving full adoption of Financial Planning to deliver a personalized, Goals-based Client Experience. Too often the focus simply on the Planning Software or Platform, with little focus on the Process. Further still, research indicates that while HNW clients understand the value of a Financial Plan, they are not enamored with the long and highly intensive traditional approach to the Planning Process. Likewise, Advisors are often left seeking to answer the important question of how does Financial Planning positively impact my practice?

To address these two very important questions, Greene Consulting developed the Rapid Planning Process - a clear and efficient framework for leveraging your specific Financial Planning software to deliver a collaborative, Advisor-led Planning Experience in less than 45 minutes.


Simply put, the Rapid Planning Process enables Advisors to “compress the time to value,” delivering tangible value to the client in the first meeting and in so doing, getting more clients engaged in the full Financial Planning Process. The results of deploying the Rapid Planning Process include:

  • Higher levels of Advisor Adoption
  • Increases in number of Financial Plans developed
  • Increase in Client Engagement
  • Increased Revenue Growth