“After a significant merger, we needed a
consistent approach to Leadership and
coaching. Greene Consulting's creativity
helped us think beyond the traditional
approaches. The result was a proprietary
Leadership Accreditation Program that has
transformed our organization.”


“Greene Consulting's clearly defined and
delivered process gave us immediate
confidence and excitement, but more
importantly, IT WORKED! We saw
immediate results. This has proven to
provide a true cultural change and a high
degree of sustainability.”


“We needed a thoughtful approach to
equipping professionals with the depth of
expertise they need to address the needs of
our clients. Greene Consulting delivered the
resources, expertise and creativity required
to structure a solution that exceeded our


“Greene Consulting's unique perspective in
the realm of the Client Experience has
transformed our approach. The insights into
what it takes to deliver a more distinctive
client experience, combined with the insights
from the Ritz-Carlton, provides us with an
approach with lasting, meaningful impact.”

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The new Fiduciary Rule will ultimately result in many clients consolidating their retirement assets with a single advisor. Our program helps ensure that their most trusted advisor is YOU!


Equips students with the educational foundation needed to not only pass the CFP® Board exam, but to also better serve their clients with sound financial advice.


Provides organizations with a sophisticated, scalable and customizable program to train advisors and be a leader in this emerging segment.

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