Empowering Financial Services Companies to Deliver a More Intentional Client Experience that Drives Growth

Differentiation – Growth – Loyalty

Better Experiences

Every interaction you have with your clients influences their perceptions of your value. The only thing optional about Client Experience is the degree to which you manage it.


We understand that while all professionals intend to deliver a great Client Experience, very few organizations are INTENTIONAL in how they engage. From the initial contact in the Sales Process to the ongoing Relationship Management Experience, we help financial services organizations design great Client Experiences and harness the power of intentionality to deliver them.

Better People

Ultimately, great Client Experiences are delivered through people who are:


  • Aligned
    • Having a clear understanding of the Client Experience they intend to deliver.
  • Equipped
    • Having the Knowledge and Skills required to deliver the Client Experience.
  • Empowered
    • Guided by Leaders focused on empowering them to deliver the intended Client Experience everyday.


From Executive Leadership to the Frontline Associates, Greene Consulting has proven processes for helping your team deliver a differentiated Client Experience that drives growth.

Better Results

Making the commitment to delivering a consistent and engaging Client Experience is a strategy.


Research clearly illustrates the power of delivering a consistent and engaging Client Experience. Strategically managing the Client Experience drives dramatic increases in Associate Engagement, Client Loyalty and sustainable Financial Growth.



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