At Greene Consulting, we provide our services and capabilities with uncompromising commitment toward serving our clients with the utmost in respect, integrity, and the highest standards of excellence. And our clients, in turn, provide us feedback on successes they have achieved while implementing our solutions.

Training was very helpful yesterday! I learned a lot from everyone. Today, a customer came in looking to replace his debit card that was damaged. After replacing his card, I asked how he liked his accounts. He said good, but he would really like to pay down his debt. We got him a cash rewards credit card, did a balance transfer to pay off his credit union credit card, and didn’t stop there. I asked if he had other priorities I could help him with and he said he had 2 kids, so I told him I could get our financial advisor to help him take care of that. So, debit card, credit card, balance transfer and 2 college savings plans from one customer. Making relationships more human and helping the customer. It’s a great day back from training!

APersonal Banker attended the training in the morning, applied what she learned the same day, and in the afternoon achieved these results. A customer came in to replace a debit card, met with the Personal Banker who positioned her role, addressed the transaction, and began to ask effective engagement questions. Ultimately, she found out that control and convenience was important to the customer. Long story short, uncovered that the customer had a substantial balance with us. She was able to get him on the phone to speak with a financial advisor on the spot. All this from just a replacement debit card!

I engaged a customer in the lobby and asked how I could help her today. The customer responded by saying she only had a couple of minutes, but she really needed to order some checks. My Personal Banker was with a customer, so I invited her into my office. While preparing her check order, she shared that she only wanted to order the minimum. I noticed on her profile that she currently lived in an apartment and asked if she would be moving soon. She said yes, and was very excited. At that point, I asked if she were moving to another apartment or if she was ready to purchase a home! Her response was that she was in the market for a home and couldn’t wait to get out of her apartment. From there, I asked if she has had the opportunity to speak with a mortgage loan officer. She said she had, but not since February and rates have changed a lot since then. I then advised that she speak with a mortgage loan officer since she already has the rest of her relationship with us…how convenient would it be to manage your finances and mortgage all with the same company? She agreed and we set the appointment! That all happened in 5 minutes while preparing a check order!

On the day of the Greene Training rollout to all of Retirement Services, we made a presentation to the CFO of
[Company X], which represented an opportunity to bring in about $30,000 in annual revenue. The interesting thing about this presentation is that during  the Investment Advisory portion of the discussion, I relied solely on the materials  from the Greene Training. Because I had just gone through the certification process, I was able to launch right into the 5 key investment fiduciary issues, directly from memory. One by one, we discussed each issue separately and were able to bring the relevance of each issue to the forefront of the discussion. I used doubt raising questions, which served to get the prospect even more focused on the points we were making.

While there were no final decisions or awards made at this meeting, we are advancing to the next steps with this prospect. It’s clear to me that one of the main reasons for being able to advance this opportunity is how our message was delivered regarding IA services. In other words, the Greene materials were extremely effective in shaping and conveying our message. [My Teammate] immediately commented after the meeting how well it went and how improved my portion of the meeting was from our last meeting together. In all honesty, I have a new confidence in how I present our services that I believe will contribute significantly to bringing in new client relationships to [our firm].