"We have been so impressed with you guys. The primary reason we chose to do business with you is because right from the start, it was clear that you were not just trying to sell us something but were truly trying to help us. I thank you for that."

Head of Wealth Management

“As a result of Greene Consulting's training, we’ve already seen success. Despite our Branch traffic diminishing somewhat this year, the number of customers we are engaging in deeper conversations with has grown five-fold. And to quantify the impact on our business- a year ago, we were referring about 5,000 customers a week to our FAs. Now that number is 20,000 a week.”

Retail Banking Executive

“Training comes and training goes – this is different. The training we participated in last week was far and above the best we could hope for. It armed us with a skill set that is clearly effective and will make us better at what we do … both selling and managing a sales force. This is the right stuff!”
Market Sales Leader
“I will tell you that your work with us has been transformational. Not only do the clients benefit, our Advisors are having more fun, more success, and are more fulfilled.”
Market Leader
“I have been in countless training seminars over my 22 years in the industry and this training, by far, was the most impactful. The thing I love the most about Greene is how in tune they are with the real-world environment. Most training like this is created by people who have never sat in the seat and the material seems so disconnected and irrelevant.  But this training truly helped me become better at engaging with clients.”
Premier Banker
“Thank you for working with us on our Client Experience. It has made a huge difference in my professional and personal life. It has given me process and direction for values that were already core to me … like purity of intent. I am a better man, dad, and leader because of the work you did with us.”
Team Leader
It has been a pleasure working together over these past two years. I really appreciate you sharing how passionate you are about your work. How much you care shows as you are extremely knowledgeable and can speak to so many topics on the fly. I meant it when I said it and know that you all have changed my life. Thank you all again from the bottom of my heart for the positive impact you have had on my life.”
Financial Advisor
“This has changed how we serve our clients. We are learning things about our existing clients that we never knew before, just by aligning our focus around our Purpose, asking better questions, and listening more. Many of our meetings have expanded from one hour to two or more because our clients are sharing so much more information. And I am hearing from my clients, ‘this is the best meeting I have ever had.’”
Market Leader
“Because of the work you have done with us, we are more confident to stand behind our pricing because there is more clarity as to what we are offering and the value of it. The incorporation of these tactics and skills has already had an amazing impact on our productivity.”
Regional Leader

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3550 Lenox Road NE, 21st Floor
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