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Wealth Management

With over thirty years of experience in consulting and training within the Wealth Management industry, we understand the technical knowledge and application skills that Wealth Management Professionals need to be successful. Our High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth Programs equip financial services professionals with clear insights and a practical, efficient, sustainable, and consistent approach to most effectively serve the financial issues that are most relevant to their clients. The result is the delivery of a consistent and differentiated sales experience that builds deeper and more profitable Wealth Management relationships.


The most important asset organizations possess is their people. Leveraging their talents to create a culture of excellence requires clearly-defined expectations of what is required to be successful in each role coupled with a clear and consistent process for sales leaders to employ. The Wealth Management Programs will deliver:


Want to Increase Sales? Stop Selling and Serve!

May 10th, 2017|0 Comments

Don’t let this title deceive you. We are not suggesting you eliminate the word “sales” from your organizational vocabulary. It’s a valid term and [...]

Want to Make Your Number? SIMPLIFY Your Coaching!

March 23rd, 2017|Comments Off on Want to Make Your Number? SIMPLIFY Your Coaching!

The single biggest obstacle to consistently achieving goal in our industry is sales leadership, or more specifically, the lack of consistent, value-add coaching. Probably [...]

What’s Missing in Financial Services?

October 13th, 2016|Comments Off on What’s Missing in Financial Services?

Recent research about the financial services industry suggests we have some work to do as to how our industry is perceived by the general public. [...]

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The Misunderstanding about Client Experience

September 1st, 2016|Comments Off on The Misunderstanding about Client Experience

The conclusion in this PWC survey served to reinforce what Greene Consulting anticipated back in 2010 – that the next major focus for financial [...]


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