About Us


Greene Consulting delivers aligned solutions in the areas of professional expertise, sales effectiveness, client experience and loyalty, and leadership development, which are all required for sustainable success in the financial services industry. This is done with an uncompromising commitment toward serving our clients with the utmost respect, integrity, and the highest standards of excellence. Our delivery model is predicated on exacting alignment with the unique aspects of each client’s business strategy, organizational structure, and culture, ensuring each client engagement provides clear and actionable tactics that will drive success on an ongoing, quantifiable basis. We believe that by delivering on this promise, we will help clients not only drive growth and market distinction, but also bring more meaning and fulfillment to our clients, their employees, and the clients they serve.

Expand Professional Knowledge

Online knowledge courses that provide the depth and breadth of expertise that financial services professionals require to succeed in their roles.

Enhance Sales Effectiveness

Conversations with a more human approach, driving to what is most important to your clients, providing insight and guidance on how to achieve goals.

Empower Effective Leadership

Simple and targeted coaching that ensures meeting a minimum competency standard, drives sustainable results, and minimizes variability.

Transform the Client Experience

Actionable strategies to enhance the client experience with tactical application to engage clients, expand relationships, and deepen client loyalty.




Traditional training is broken. Truly effective and sustainable skill development incorporates an ongoing, repeatable process that delivers results – not event-based training. It focuses on competence, not content; proficiency, not participation.

Through a disciplined approach, Greene Consulting designs solutions that help your organization more consistently deliver a distinguished client experience aligned to your mission, culture, strategic objectives, and value promise.



To deliver a distinguished client experience and increase productivity, professionals must be equipped with more than just textbook knowledge. They must be confident in their ability to use their knowledge to build and deepen client relationships. Our approach is uniquely structured to equip professionals with the knowledge they need to be effective, the skills needed to apply their knowledge, and the tools to support more effective client engagements. This multi-dimensional approach distinguishes our solutions from traditional eLearning that lacks the depth and focus required to impact productivity.



One of the greatest struggles faced by organizations is achieving and maintaining company-wide competency of all employees. Seeking to do all your training in a classroom setting can be an exercise in futility, often taking too long to achieve across-the-board competencies and virtually impossible to maintain when turnover and new hires are taken into account. That is why we are committed to eLearning solutions. Used in combination with in-class training or used alone, eLearning can dramatically enhance your training efficiency and effectiveness, while providing a 24/7 training curriculum that can address a myriad of training needs – from the single new hire to the large audience of current employees.