Coaching Value – Do You Have It?

  • Sales reps reporting to great managers report high levels of job satisfaction and deliver four times more revenue than those working for poor managers.
  • The manager activity most closely associated with sales rep success is coaching. However, of the skills that managers possess, an ability to coach individual sales reps is relatively the weakest.

(Source: Corporate Executive Board)

Coaching matters.  It is one of – if not THE – most critical factors in driving revenue growth.  In our work in the financial services industry, we have long observed a common disconnect between the value coaches believe they provide and the value advisors perceive they receive.  This could be because many advisors just don’t like to deal with coaches and want to do things their own way.  Yet, we have also witnessed such coaching-reluctant advisors resoundingly change that belief when finding the good fortune to work with a coach who is confident, focused, challenges them, and is committed to adding value on a daily basis.

With this in mind, we recently posed the following questions to a group of sales leaders.  These questions, they said, led them to self-reflect on the core aspects of their role, helping them refocus on what they actually do every day, how they can best help their advisors, and thereby deliver results for their firm.

Given that response, we thought it worthwhile to share these questions more broadly in the event they do the same for you (coaches) or help you (advisors) pursue or encourage a coach who can truly be of value to you.  Take a moment to ponder these questions and conduct your own self-assessment.  Maybe you can just fly through them and check them off as “good to go.”  But we encourage you to use them to reflect on how you can enhance your value both to your team and your organization.  Hopefully, they will help you in some way.

Questions to Assess Your Coaching Value


Take a few undistracted minutes to ask yourself these questions. Honest and thoughtful discernment will serve to either reinforce that you truly DO add value every day or give you some ideas to consider to further strengthen your coaching value. Just know that the value YOU provide for your advisors has a significant impact both on the experience you deliver for your clients and your company’s financial results.

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