eLearning Trends in Financial Services

In this tight economy, learning departments of Financial Services firms are looking for creative, cost-effective ways to add value to the business line. Many of them are turning to eLearning for the technical and skill development their professionals need; while others, especially smaller organizations, are reluctant to utilize eLearning due to perceived barriers to adoption. For example, Tagoras research recently released a state of the sector report in which they noted the top barriers to eLearning:

1.    Concern that costs would exceed financial return
2.    Lack of technology skills of end training users
3.    Unavailable staff time required to develop quality eLearning

Where is your organization in this movement to eLearning? Are you experiencing these barriers? We are currently surveying the use of eLearning in the Financial Services Industry and we would like to hear from you. Please give us your feedback as to how your organization is currently using eLearning. We look forward to sharing the results and comments from your peers to better understand the training landscape in the Financial Services vertical.

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