Keys for Immediate Impact when Engaging Clients on Estate Planning

Wealth transfer and estate planning are not only very broad topics that have myriad implications and directions for every individual client, but they also involve very significant planning discussions that require a lot of time, effort, work and money to complete.  With that said, many high net worth clients have already done some level of planning in the past and would like to feel that they have already addressed all of the issues required in their situation.

The current reality regarding the potential sunsetting of the existing estate tax laws at year-end requires that financial advisors are armed with strategies for engaging clients on some very time-sensitive discussions in this area and prepared to facilitate a deeper discussion should it be warranted.  While the tax laws might not change, or the current plan in place is appropriate with no changes necessary, the significance of the potential changes in tax law are such that this could be a conversation that can potentially result in a sizeable savings in taxes.

Download our Guide Capitalizing on the Current Wealth Transfer Planning Opportunity.”

Download Our Free Guide Capitalizing on the Current Wealth Transfer Planning Opportunity


This guide provides:

  1. An overview of key components of the current tax legislation scheduled to sunset
  2. Strategies for segmenting your clients into categories to determine what considerations are relevant for them
  3. Specific questions that can be used in the client conversation to engage them and deliver definitive value from your insights.