Understanding Client Commitment

Regardless of the industry, the most important objective of any business is keeping the client. In our industry, the evidence that committed clients are more profitable is irrefutable because committed clients tend to consolidate all their financial business and provide referral opportunities with their “trusted advisor”.

Take a moment to think about your business while considering the following:

  • Where do you stand in each of your client relationships?
  • What percentage of your clients would you consider “committed” or “loyal” to you?
  • How many do you feel are “at-risk”?
  • Do you have a strategy for managing these clients?

Daniel Greene, a Managing Partner at Greene Consulting for over 20 years, has consulted with over half of the top 50 Wealth Management organizations in the United States and trained over 10,000 industry professionals. This experience has afforded him a unique and exclusive understanding of client commitment that he shares in this video segment in which he discusses the habits of top performers.

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