What Changes Did the CFP Board Make to Exam Retake Limits?

In an effort to help our CFP educational program students and prospective students maintain awareness surrounding CFP Board updates and changes, we will periodically provide important news and resource updates.

Most recently, the CFP Board has announced that they are changing their policy on the number of times you can attempt to take the CFP Board Examination. Previously, students had an unlimited amount of times to take the exam before passing.

Now, the CFP Board has provided 2 guidelines for retakes on the exam:

  1. Individuals may attempt the exam a maximum of five times in a lifetime.
  2. Individuals may attempt the exam a maximum of 3 times within a 24-month period. If an individual attempts the exam on three successive administrations, a one-year sit-out period is required before registering for another attempt.

The Board further clarifies that if someone had taken the exam 4 or more times prior to January 1, 2012, they are allowed two additional attempts.

You can learn more about the CFP Certification Exam by visiting the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc. – CFP Certification Examination website.

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