What Does a CFP® Certificant Do?

One of the great benefits of the CFP® Certification is the number of doors it opens in terms of a career path. While the traditional financial planner is what most people associate with a CFP® Certificant, there are many jobs in the financial services industry you’ll see certificants working in. Below we’ve listed a few of the most common, with a brief description of what that job is and why it’s important to have the certification.

Financial Planner
Clearly this is the #1 job that a CFP®Certificant is qualified to do. If you’re a financial planner working for a large firm, your daily job is likely going to be a balance of meeting with potential and current clients and working on your current clients’ plans with the help of your support team at your firm. If you’re new to the business, you’re likely to spend more time trying to expand your client base. If you are an independent financial planner, it’s likely that you’ll spend more time expanding your business and certainly spending more time working on the actual implementation of plans since you won’t have the support staff of a large firm.

Financial Advisor
There are a growing number of CFP® Certificants who focus more on investments than anything else. But these folks are increasingly pursuing CFP Certification to be able to offer their clients more than just investment advice. They see the huge advantage of being able to speak to their clients about more than just how to invest, but how to preserve and plan.

Insurance Agent
Here again is another field where there are a growing number of CFP® Certificants, as well as a large community of current certificants. And again, it’s the fact that as one works with a client regarding their risk management needs, it is not hard to identify other areas where your expertise can be beneficial to the client. If someone can combine a great knowledge of insurance, an insurance license, and a broad knowledge of overall financial planning, that person can offer a lot to a client in need.

Enrolled Agent/CPA
Continuing our theme, anytime you’re advising someone on their taxes, you’re going to have a window into their entire financial abode – perhaps more than any other specialty area. So it’s no surprise that CFP® Certification is sought by many tax experts looking to add to their practice and expand their abilities for their clients.

Clearly the CFP® Certification is something that brings a lot of value no matter what field you’re in or want to pursue. Financial planning ties all our financial needs together, and there is no other certification out there that prepares you better than the CFP® Certification. A great ad by the CFP Board exemplifies that and can be seen in the video below:

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