Why Organizations Fail to Deliver Great Customer Service

Featuring Leonardo Inghilleri and Daniel Greene

If given the opportunity to speak freely, what would your clients say about the service you provide to them? Would it be something you would want other people to hear?

Great client service is a trait that people are becoming increasingly aware of and expect. It is a critical factor for clients to consider when making decisions regarding professional service providers.

In this video segment, Dan Greene (of Greene Consulting) and Leonardo G. Inghilleri (of West Paces Consulting) discuss the reasons why many organizations fail to deliver great customer service. Leonardo draws on his vast experience with noted client service organizations such Walt Disney, the Ritz-Carlton, and currently with Capella hotels and West Paces Consulting to provide guidance on avoiding the common pitfalls of ineffective client service.

How effective is your client service strategy? Do you even have one?

Leonardo also stresses the strategic importance of an effective client service strategy. Without one, you run the risk of becoming strictly a commodity, left to distinguish yourself in the competitive marketplace based on price alone.

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