Better ‘n Better not Newer ‘n Newer – Part 3 of 3

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At the risk of mixing metaphors, let’s go back to the golf analogy.  On most golf courses, there are 3 par 3’s, 12 par 4’s and 3 par 5’s.  The par 4’s and 5’s usually require a driver, mid and long irons, a short iron and a putter – different clubs, just like the different phases of the calling continuum.  There is not much new; it’s just a matter of becoming better and better at the same shots, the ones you will use in every game.  Observe the parallelism and ask yourself how you and your people are maximizing the effect of each sales club in their bag of skills.


How are they putting the ball in play by effective pre-call planning, building good rapport, and creating a buying atmosphere?

Long Irons
How are they moving the process along by:

  • Gathering information
    • Factual
    • Feeling
  • Creating Doubt, Urgency, and Interest

Defining the Decision-Making Process

Approach Irons
How are they beginning the closing process by converting objections to agreements?

How effectively and with what frequency are they closing?

How are you leading them, individually and collectively, to increase their skills at all phases of their game?  Are they spending time on the practice tee enhancing skills, particularly the ones they need in the real game?

When things seem to be getting off course, or just as a periodic compass check, evaluate your focus on fundamentals.  Remember, as managers you must practice the skills you use when the success or future of your people is on the line, just as you ask them to practice the basic skills they should use when the deal in on the line.  Remember, it is about getting better and better not newer and newer.

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