Question 6: What are the Most Time-Effective Ways to Assess Your Producers?

A key responsibility of Sales Managers is the skill development of a large number of producers, which must be accomplished while simultaneously meeting significant increases in production level.  When you add to that the fact that most Sales Managers are burdened by time-demanding administrative duties, it becomes clear that there is an ever present dilemma that forces the question, “What are specific and effective ways that I can leverage my time and, in essence, be in 5 places at one time?”

On Monday we will address how to achieve this key responsibility of skill development with concrete tactics THAT WORK in solving this problem of “too little time.”  Before you come back and read our proven ideas, list the concrete ways you are currently evaluating the progress of your sales staff.  Also, ask yourself…“What progress has each of my producers made in the last ninety days.”  Then list how you made that determination.  See you on Monday!

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