Using a Summary Close

The decision making process is difficult for many, if not most, people. The difficulty lies in the buyer’s inability to assimilate both feelings and facts, and then massage them to a logical and emotionally satisfying conclusion. Successful sales professionals are those who are able to help prospects/clients through this process without making them feel like they are being pushed or “closed.”

To help assure a successful year, it is worthwhile to evaluate your abilities to gain commitment from prospects/clients and make that commitment stick. A highly effective tool is what we call the Summary Close:

When a prospect says, “Let me think it over” or gives a similar stall, simply ask, “As you give thoughtful consideration to _______, what are the most important things you will think about?” If they are able to list these important items, you then know the issues to stress as you bring them to a point of commitment.


If they are not able to list these items, scroll through a list of the important considerations by asking “is it _______?” This process will enable you to uncover both concerns and areas of agreement.


So next time you get the stall, don’t give up. Using this simple technique can turn it into a great opportunity.

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