Telling Your Story Can Lead to Successful Relationships

Everyone knows the importance of making a connection with your client. Well, hopefully everyone. But the problem for some can be how to make that connection. The latest issue of Financial Planning Magazine has a succinct article on one way to go about doing that – sharing a powerful personal story. The point of the article is that many clients are easily bored with recitations of numbers, projections, and pontifications.

If you want your client to listen, to have interest, and to have trust in you the advisor, let them know “who you are and what you stand for” by telling them your story – or at least part of it. Doing this effectively will give your clients insight into who you are and what motivates you, thereby helping to form a personal connection. Personal connections lead to lasting, successful relationships.

To learn more about making connections with clients and how you can achieve six star client experience click here.

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